Author Vanessa Hollis

Love In My Teardrops Presents:


Unapologetically Me!

A Novella Series

The short stories in this ten-book series will take you on a journey of discovering love, loss, lust, and disappointments. Lies are told, and Lies are developed. Outdated traditions as you follow the experiences of coming from Out of Focus, and Back in Focus on relationships, drama, and the impact of others’ perceptions over the lives of each main character. The realness of these stories will pull you in and out of emotion as you discover much of their stories are your stories at a mere degree of separation. You’ll find these characters shaping your perception, your views, and your beliefs of what, what is!

Seeds are planted, sprouted, growing, and some developed. Friends plentiful, then friends you let go. Throughout the journey of this series, what’s consistent is the road you’ve traveled and still traveling will always pave the way for generations to follow. Be intentional and unapologetic in the gravel you churn into your foundation. It just may decide which direction someone may take from one of these stories.

Diary of Amour Confessions

A Novella Series coming soon March 2023

Diary of Amour is love in its finest hour, its darkest hour, and in its journey to discovering what LOVE is to me, you, and to everyone. This series journals the things a woman go through in her everyday life. It offers you lessons, confessions, and insights on the road less traveled look like in the thick of it. So, hold tight, and grab whatever you need to take this ride of Diary of Amour Confessions!

Kindle Vella Episodic Writing

Out of Focus Presents:

A Mixed Batter of Confessions

Journals five young women, Zoe Gray-Love, Brooklyn Tae-Harli, Taegan Nicole-Paislyn, Kloe Gray-Maxx, and Schonda Tulsy-Cabrera. Their experiences of coming from Out of Focus, and Into Focus on their relationships, their drama, & the impact of others’ perceptions of their lives. Season 1 – The Zoe Gray-Love Story. Season 2 – The Brooklyn Tae-Harli Story. Season 3 – The Taegan Nicole-Paislyn Story. Season 4 The Kloe Gray-Maxx Story, The Schonda Tulsy-Cabrera Story, and The Chrishalina Noni-Elliot Story

Bianca BoozeWrites

Cozy Mysteries

Coming Soon May 2023

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