Stuck In The Middle

Dear Miss Teardrops,

Is it cool to date during your separation period prior to your divorce? And what’s a reasonable time frame if so? Would love the feedback to my delima. Signed: Stuck in the middle of confusion

Dear Stuck in the middle of confusion,

To me this is a case by case basis delima as you put it.  I would say, if you have been seperated greater than 6 months to a year and you’ve tried everything to mend your marriage, then I would say start the process of finding closure to your marriage before you began your new journey with someone new.

I wish you happiness in your journey 

Thanks for your questions.


Miss Teardrops

PS- I will be sending you a refund of $5 if you have already purchased your book or send me an e-mail and I will give instructions on how to send payment less $5.

Thanks for stopping by Miss Teardrops

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