So Let’s Think About It

“Hey, whatcha Thinking out loud about? Are you responding to your thoughts in real time? What’s the difference in an out loud thought, you know the saying, (Thinking Out Loud in whisper) vs. an in silence thought (Like To Yourself)? The difference is, what you’re doing with those thoughts. We as people are constantly creating ways to innovate, stimulate, accelocate our ideas into purpose. But where many of us fall short, is in the follow-up, the in silence thoughts, and in not thinking out loud enough for your thoughts to be heard, to be pushed.” Move it. You can’t always be sitting in thought, at some point, action has to take the lead to become relevant. Just a little thought bubble I wanted to share. Carry On. -Vanessa Muah!!🦋#MsTeardropsSpeaks

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