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CEO/Founder Vanessa Hollis, a self-inspired entrepreneur and burgeoning young author, whom showed early signs of creativity through drawing and directing self-written stage plays by creating stories from an overactive imagination. Uprooting herself, she moved to Austin, Texas, where her literary journey would find its start in 2003. In the same breath, her spirit would move her to establish a publishing company, naming it Teardrops Publishing, guided by her life motto, “You have to think bigger than yourself.” To date, Teardrops Publishing has been blessed to have the opportunity to usher along, eighteen published authors, in “Finding Their Dreams to Becoming Perfectly Bound.” The company’s motto became a monument to her journey in helping those who have a story to tell and to tell it however they chose to share it.

After sealing her faith as a writer, the next chapter of her life while living in Atlanta, Georgia, amongst so many entrepreneurs of color, solidified her understanding in being in the right moment and the right time in causing her star to its own ascension. Vanessa went on to complete her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Kaplan University, where being on the Dean’s Honor Roll was no stranger to her ambitions. Later to complete her Masters in Leadership and Management from Purdue University.

The journey continues to shift gears, as life continues to offer opportunities to recreate herself. Those written chapters in her life thus far have made her life more exciting to learn the next pages of this journey and would become a page-turner to her as she navigates without regret — to keep moving towards something better and inspiration to someone else.

Teardrops Publishing est. 2003 from an idea not yet realized of its potential, is a company designed to take that girl or boy’s ideals created in doodling, journaling, or writings to the next level. You don’t have to be great in the beginning, but you must have the passion to get to your greatness!

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A penny for your thoughts!

Life is about choices of what you know, and not what you think you know.”

Vanessa Hollis

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