Make It Make Sense

“Have you ever found yourself in a moral dilemma? If so, an ethical barometer will be wise to use to find your way. It will give you balance every time! There’s no tangible item out there for you to buy, this is when you give voice to your inside thoughts. You got a reach way down and use that SENSE that ain’t that COMMON anymore.” -Vanessa Muah my friends Mocha Blogging … Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🩸🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochacitycafeandbooks

Good Friends

“Friends are like old shoes 👟. You keep them around because they are comfortable, familiar, and a good fit in your life. So, when those shoes come in and out of your house and life, Self-Evaluate to make sure you’re just as worthy of their friendship, as they are of yours. There’s no better time than now, to tighten up those shoe laces to keep them around, or loosen and send them to Goodwill.” -Vanessa Muah my friends Mocha Blogging … Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🩸🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochacitycafeandbooks

Anxiety Triggers

“Will you, Have you, Can you, is the beginning of a lot of what’s to come after sentences or texts. Have you been expecting it, do you open the full view of it, do you have someone else view it, do you ignore it, or do you just address it and move on to the next? You never know, it may be the thing you need to respond to, and not ignore! Anxiety is always lurking. So make this a new year to just address it head on then delete!” -Vanessa Muah my friends Mocha Blogging … Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🩸🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochacitycafeandbooks

Being Judgy!

“When you find yourself sitting in judgment of others, ask yourself, when were YOU gaveled in to be the judge and jury over someone else’s life. If it’s not because you were asked, then you must be overruled. And it’s typically a black robe you wear when you’re feeling judgy! So, don’t bring attitude or negativity so soon into the New Year, unless it’s part of your job in trying for an Emmy. Otherwise, you’re just a bad actor.” -Vanessa Muah my friends Mocha Blogging … Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🩸🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochacitycafeandbooks

Love On Layaway

“Are you in essence putting love on layaway through dating. When do you know it’s paid off? Does that come in the form of the engagement ring? After that, have you moved into accumulating dividends to move to The Wedding Date?” Do you rinse and repeat if your dividend investment didn’t pay off? What a process. Is there a shorter route between these points…” -Vanessa Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochacitycafeandbooks #mochalattesipsnreadsbooksnscripts #unapologeticallyMe!

Share the Power

“Women, we are known to hold it down in all facets of life. But if you really want to know a man’s strength, share the power and allow him to Lead all the time. This is not regarding your input, this is showing your character. And if for some reason he falls short, lift him back up without batting an eyelash. Tick-Tock, time is not always there for you to make warm memories.” -Vanessa #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochacitycafeandbooks #mochalattesipsnreadsbooksnscripts #unapologeticallyMe!

Making Memories

“In your journey, in this thing called life…may start out as a dirt road with rocks and gravel, but when you look back over those chapters, all you see is a paved road. Some spots polished and others with visible gravel. That may mean you had company of different shades and character that helped you out along the way.” -Vanessa That’s All… Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochacitycafeandbooks #mochalattesipsnreadsbooksnscripts #unapologeticallyMe

Your journey will create the story!

“What are the unintended consequences if you asked to get out of a relationship you wanted to stay in? Do things have to dismantle in order to rebuild with a better foundation? Trust your instincts in love and the journey will create the story for you!” -Vanessa That’s All… Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochacitycafeandbooks #mochalattesipsnreadsbooksnscripts #unapologeticallyMe!


“Ladies, when a man is polite to you in a way that you’re not used to, such as, opening the door for you, praying over your food, or make sure you make it home safe, does that offend you or make you blush? It’s okay sometimes to surrender your vulnerability and be soft and know that you are a queen and should be treated as such. Now this may not work for everyone, but the option should always be available to you!” -Vanessa That’s All… Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks #mochalattesipsnreadsbooksnscripts #unapologeticallyMe! #mochacitycafeandbooks

A Moment of Insanity!

“I’ve been thinking about planting veggies in my backyard, but I stopped thinking when I come to realize that I will also have to keep it up. I’m not there yet in the confidence in being accountable also for my hobbies. So much for that thought bubble. Now that was a Martha Stewart quick moment.” Carry On! -Vanessa That’s All… Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🦋💜

How Is Gravity Pulling You

Wait What Wednesday “If you find yourself so high up that you become detached from reality, is gravity your only go to? If so, try coming back down on your own. This way, the journey could be so personally gratifying and that you get to teach as you descend, and re-learn the experience as you are ascending back up in a better way. Go on, and Jeff Bezos your experience above the clouds and back.” -Vanessa That’s All… Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🦋💜

Tough Thoughts!

“Will you ever forgive the letting go? If so, can you also understand the WHY? There’s always the lingering WHY in every break up. Are you pausing to think about this right now? If so, is the pause a time to reflect and listen or deflect and avoid… Either way, do it with purpose. Just a little thought 💭 bubble I wanted to share.” -Vanessa That’s All… Ms. Teardrops Speaks! 🦋💜 #MsTeardropsSpeaks